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If you have any training you would like to be shown please email admin@thrivingtogethernorthumberland.org.uk

The directory of training is to point you in the right direction of some of the available training. We are hoping to grow the list by everyone working together, sharing information on good training they attend and passing this to us.

Northumberland Training Programme

Coming Soon.

Click on the link above to view the courses available via Learning Together.

Anyone needing a Learning Together account can register via ncc.learningpool.com. Support is available from learningandod@northumberland.gov.uk 

Places on these courses must be booked through the online platform Learning Together. Please go to ncc.learningpool.com to log in/create an account. Search ‘IWS’ in the courses box.

If you need any assistance to register, please contact learningandod@northumberland.gov.uk.

Please note : to be eligible to attend the free courses you must either live or work in Northumberland and NCC reserve the right to reject or charge for applications from anyone who does not meet this criteria.

Click on the links below to view the courses available.

The Digital Edge Programme is a programme funded by Microsoft that aims to help people between 18 and 45 into the Tech industry

The TikTok Creativity Programme is a programme funded by TikTok that aims to help NEET 18-24 year olds find a role within the creativity sector