VCSE Liaison Group

Every quarter a VCSE liaison group meeting is held which includes a panel of elected members, senior council officers and Thriving Together. Representatives from different VSCE organisations, spanning across our networks, are invited to attend to discuss pressing issues pertinent to the third sector. This ensures that even the quietest voice feels heard and provides a mechanism for a collaborative approach to tackling issues.

Previous minutes

February 2024 – Representatives from Warm Spaces and Places Northumberland were invited to the meeting to take part in a  discussion / workshop focusing on the oversight of how work was progressing and what could to be done to assist.

December 2023 – discussion on issues facing day care and the Northumberland Mobilise Initiative

October 2023 – discussion on provision for the deaf community, update on building leases and ‘Christmas for All’

Making sure the smallest voice in the third sector is heard

Paul Ezhilchelvan, Chair of the VCSE Liaison group

I have worked with Thriving Together in my role as Chair of the VCS Liaison group which is the main strategic touch point for the VCSE and Local Authority officers and councillors to ensure we hear the true and authentic voice of the sector. We have had some lively and varied discussions featuring VCSE organisations from Berwick to Hexham to Blyth and all other areas in between. I am also exceptionally pleased that the return on investment for the initial funding provided to TT has been returned 10 fold in only the first 18 months of delivery. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the future.

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