How we help

In August 2021, Thriving Together was awarded the commission from Northumberland County Council to provide VCSE support.

The underpinning ethos was to give all organisations within the sector the opportunity to thrive and achieve potential. Our aim is to showcase the work of the sector through collaboration and partnership working to make a positive impact on the lives of Northumberland residents. We enable a strategic partnership offering best fit representation, building sustainability through our presence. Our approach is to be inclusive by offering non-membership support to all VCSE organisations throughout the county.

Making sure the smallest voice in the third sector is heard

Gill O'Neill FFPH, Executive Director of Public Health, Inequalities and Stronger Communities

Thriving Together and the VCSE are an absolutely vital voice around our most senior partnership tables. I believe the voice of the ‘third sector’ should be equal to public and private sector as the work they deliver is essential to our shared ambitions for communities and residents living their best lives and having equity in opportunity.

Thriving Together creates a networked model of VCSE which enables a collaborative space to ensure all parts of the VCSE are heard and there is meaningful and responsive two-way dialogue. VCSE are a strategic partner and not just a delivery arm and the way we ensure an equal relationship is to have them as a proactive partner at board level.

The work of the VCSE is pivotal as they are often the most closely aligned partner working directly with communities of interest and geography. I would always have Thriving Together around any planning table to hear their  strategic and operational thoughts and advice.

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