The Energy Project

There are over 20,000 households in Northumberland struggling due to fuel poverty and many more worrying about the rising cost of heating their homes.

If your home is too cold you could be susceptible to a range of related health problems not to mention the additional worry and stress that you are also likely to be experiencing as you struggle to know how to resolve the situation.

The energy project can help by discussing your individual circumstances and offer tailored assistance with a range of energy issues including:

  • How to understand your bills and ensure you are paying the right amount
  • How to check that you are getting the best deal
  • How to address debt or payment issues
  • How to save energy and keep your home warm for longer
  • How to check if you are entitled to any additional financial help, benefits or grants

Our support is free and impartial; we hope to be able to give you the tools to feel well informed and confident about managing the energy use in your home.

Do you have additional needs which make it difficult to manage or address your energy use?

If you have a visual impairment, we can support you to better manage your energy use and ensure that you are aware of additional services and support that you may be eligible to receive.

Contact The Energy Project on: 01670 339749 or