Life Beyond COVID: Young people in Blyth 

A shared project by Citizens Advice Northumberland and Silx  Teen Bar [August and September 2020] 


As a result of the invitation given by the Lords COVID-19 Committee,  joint research was undertaken by Silx Teen Bar, in Blyth,  Northumberland, and Citizens Advice Northumberland. 

The aim of the work was to enable young people who use Silx, youth  workers and advisors at Citizens Advice, to identify the impact of the  virus on young people’s lives and their perceptions of life in a post COVID world. 

The partnership 

 Silx Teen Bar has been in existence  for twenty years. Traditionally, it has provided a safe  

environment for young people, 11 to 19 years old, to  

meet friends and youth workers, and for 16 to 25-year-olds to receive  employment support and guidance from an experienced and qualified  staff team. Most of the young people with whom Silx interacts live in, or  close to, Croft Ward, one of the most deprived electoral wards in  England [Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 2019]. 

Citizens Advice Northumberland started in  

1939 and has constantly offered a wide range of  

free, independent and confidential advice ever  

since. Today it operates from 10 locations covering all of  Northumberland – a county of over 3000 square miles with a population  of 322,000. The pandemic has generated an increased need for the  services of this organisation. This will probably be the case for some  considerable time as the economic damage of the pandemic is felt by  more and more people. 

As a result of the pandemic both organisations stopped their primary  method of face-to-face engagement, towards the end of March 2020,