Improvement to health and wellbeing

Ms D was a single person with severe mental health issues. Ms D told us that she had accrued large debts whilst with her husband, but is solely financially and legally liable for them. Following her divorce, she has suffered with mental health issues and was using spending money as a coping mechanism and her inability to keep to a budget was exacerbated due to her OCD and further compounded due to PTSD following a fire on her former property.

Ms D had numerous debts, but was primarily concerned about bailiffs in relation to a parking charge and a magistrates court fine. Ms D was advised that a repayment plan would be the best option but client was distressed about enforcement which we said we would address as a priority. Client was so intimidated by letters from the bailiff that she actually handed back her mobility car as it was implied that it may be seized.

After contact with the local authority, we managed to get the enforcement recalled and the debt written off and we managed to arrange an affordable payment for the magistrates fine which greatly reduced the anxiety of the client. We then proceeded to negotiate affordable repayments with her other creditors. We are supporting the client to get her mobility car back as its loss had a detrimental impact on her day to day living and its return would enable an improvement to her health and wellbeing.

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