The cost-of-living crisis isn’t ending, so why might the Household Support Fund be?

In recent years, the Household Support Fund (HSF) has been the final line of defence for those struggling with the cost of living. However, without any mention in the Autumn Statement of an extension, the Fund’s future is uncertain. The HSF is funded by the central government and administered by local authorities. It supports those who can’t afford essentials like food, energy bills and water through proactive and application-based support. Local authorities can tailor how funds are used and who can apply for funding.

As it stands, the Household Support Fund will end in April 2024. This sits alongside the ending of the Cost of Living Payments totalling £900 that have been made across 2023–24 to low income households. The loss of both sources of support at once risks creating a financial cliff-edge for thousands of households.

Households need support to stay afloat in the cost of living storm

“The cost-of-living crisis is not going to magically end on the 31st March 2024. The people we help will continue to be in financial crisis long past this date. Without the HSF, more will resort to extremes to manage their household budget and go without” — a Local Citizens Advice adviser

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