Urgent Action on Household Support Fund

New Barnardo’s research on growing crisis requests for children’s beds and bedding, highlights the urgent need to extend the Household Support Fund beyond March 2024. 

Barnardo’s, along with the support of 120+ organisations including Citizens Advice Northumberland, have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt.  We are calling for urgent action to extend the Household Support Fund now, which ends in March.

Families will face devastating consequences if the Household Support Fund is not urgently extended beyond March. Without action, we face a hole in local crisis support that neither councils nor the charity sector can fill.

You can read the joint letter with 120+ organisations here:

Barnardo’s joint public letter

You can help take action with the Household Support Fund by completing this form on Barnardo’s website:

Ask your MP to stand against child poverty


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